Equipment Available to Troops

Camping Equipment

  • 4 four-person Eureka A-Frame Tents

  • 3 four-person dome tents

  • 1 ten-person 2 room cabin tent

  • 1 six-person cabin tent

  • 3 Coleman classic stoves

  • 4 portable fire pits (can use with charcoal in Mpls parks)

  • Pie irons

  • Roasting Sticks

  • Coolers

Archery Equipment

  • 3 RH Genesis Youth Bows (not mini)

  • 1 LH Genesis Youth Bow (not mini)

  • 1 RH Genesis Mini Bow

  • 3 dozen 30 inch arrows

  • cut up socks as arm guards

  • cones to use as ground quivers

Other Outdoor Equipment

  • 9 wooden practice pocket knives

  • 10 pocket knives with sharpening stones

  • 12 Silva compasses

Outdoor Movie Equipment

  • Epson projector

  • DVD player

  • Large speaker

  • "Screen" (white sheet, silver tarp, clamps and ropes - it does work!)

Indoor Stuff

  • Epson projector (work well indoors even with some of the lights on)

  • Indoor projector screen (it's long & skinny- will need a minivan or similarly sized vehicle)

  • Tabletop projector screen

  • Large speaker with microphone

  • Toaster oven for craft projects

  • Polymer clay kits (rollers, cutters, tiles, etc)

  • Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) foam boards

  • Jewelry pliers (for chain maille jewelry)

Send an email to gsmplslakes@gmail.com to check out equipment.

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