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Camp Cooking

Easy & tasty recipes for your troops.


3 Bin Wash System

It's easy to wash and sanitize your dishes at camp using the tried and true three-bin wash station.

Find out how.


Cook Kit

If you're going to start cooking outside with your troop, you're going to need a cook kit.

Stock up your own or check one out from Council.

Get the basics for your troop cook kit


Scrambled Brownies

Easy campfire gooey chocolate dessert.  You just need a box of brownie mix, water and oil.

Get the recipe.

handwashing station.jfif

Hand Washing Station

Turn an empty detergent bottle into your troop's portable handwashing station.  You can hang a nail scrubber off it too!  Just clean it out when it's empty, fill it with water at camp, and you're ready to go!


Pita Pizza

It doesn't get easier than this. A round pita, laid flat,  topped with sauce, cheese & toppings.  Lay on foil on your campfire grate.

Get the recipe.


Keep Your Pots Nice!

Your new silver camp pot doesn't have to turn black with this Girl Scout trick - rub a small amount of dish soap on the *outside* of your pot before cooking over the fire.  Clean-up is a snap and your pot stays looking nice!


Banana Boat

Cut a banana open, add marshmallows and chocolate.  Wrap in foil and eat a warm gooey treat.  What's not to love?

Get the recipe.

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