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What's an "undernight?

An "undernight" is not an overnight!  It is a space where troops can practice their camping skill all day long in the woods at Camp Lakamaga and still go home to their comfy beds.  If you need some outdoor training, check out our Volunteer Training calendar or reach out to    Read on to find out more....

Your "Campsite" for the Day

Each troop who comes to the "undernight" will be assigned an open-sided, covered shelter with picnic tables.  Your area includes a fire ring, fire safety equipment (bucket, shovel, rake) and firewood is freely available.  Water pumps are close by.

Lak Image.png
Fresh cut bacon being cooked over a camp
Fresh cut bacon being cooked over a camp


Your troop plans their meals ahead of camp, brings their own food to camp, and cooks their own food over their own firepit with the fire they've built themselves from tinder and kindling they've collected in the woods.

Cleaning Up

Your troop can practice their clove hitches by putting up a dunk bag line.   Then practice sanitary clean up with the 3 bin camp sink system.

Dishes hanging on the camp line.jpg
Fresh cut bacon being cooked over a camp
girl sitting in a hammock. rest in the f

Relaxing and Reflecting

What kinds of things will your troop decide to do at camp?  Will you borrow hammocks from Mpls Lakes Service Unit?  Will you take a tree hike and learn to recognize trees with a UMN dichotomous key?  Will you work on badges?  It's up to your troop to plan and decide what to do and bring.

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